Excellence in Strategic Planning, Mapping & Business Efficiency with EFQM Applications


The British Academy for Training and Development offers a course of excellence in strategic planning, mapping and business management efficiency with EFQM applications to anyone who wants to learn the European model of enterprise management and the quality standards used to measure its managerial performance. Progress in management performance and how to formulate effective strategic plans to advance the work The company and its promotion to the summit took the Europeans to give us a rising as the desire to lead in the leading administrative work and that is why the European companies have quality standards to be followed and work through the evaluation of performance in companies to reach the Quality in the work and in the quality of performance provided by it.

Office management is defined in English as a secretariat, a group of works that provides administrative assistance within the enterprise. It is also defined as the job that seeks to provide management with all information and data that contribute to the work environment in order to save time, effort and work to alleviate the burden. The secretarial function is one of the most important administrative functions in the work environment. This function is due to the industrial wealth of Europe. The secretarial staff is responsible for keeping confidential information with excellence. Honesty and credibility in the work and the ability to read and write as a prerequisite for access to this function, with the emergence of modern technologies and electronic tools, contributed to the development of secretarial work clearly, which led to increased importance as one of the important management concepts that reduce the pressure on work especially the pressure on managers and heads of departments through cooperation and coordination of all kinds of work from the preparation of meetings and discussions and other work and to provide the required information in a timely manner, office management has become a necessity can not be abandoned in the news of the successful systems.

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Course Content

  • Definition of strategic planning.
  • Methods to activate strategic planning.
  • The importance of strategic planning to increase the accuracy of project implementation.
  • Definition and importance of Management.
  • Project planning and business strategies.
  • Professional management of projects.
  • Definition, Concept, & Importance of Planning.
  • Excellent planning and management skills.
  • The importance of planning in management.
  • Minimize the risks anticipated through planning skills.
  • How to make the right decision in a timely manner.
  • Planning Public Relations campaigns at the local, national and international levels, taking into account the various differences between cultures.
  • Corporate Campaign Management and the significance of using experienced consultants.
  • Explain the differences between advertising, integrated marketing communications, and Public Relations marketing.
  • The growing role of Public Relations in the marketing process.
  • Communication techniques in Marketing and Public Relations.
  • Develop measurable goals, evaluate results in public relations campaigns, and integrate sustainability principles.
  • Trademarks and public relations, including corporate brand, internal brand.
  • Engaging Consumer Communities: Using Social Media in Marketing and Public Relations.
  • Research, analysis and evaluation of public relations campaigns.

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£3200 / Member

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£2560 / Member

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£1984 / Member

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