The British Academy for Training and Development presents this course in Public Speech and Presentation for all individuals wishing to develop special abilities and exceptional skills in the art of public speech and presentation.

Broadcasting of TV or Radio shows, is a live reflection and a real demostration of the tremendous efforts exerted by the photographers, producer, director and lighting distributor specialist in the location, but still the main and direct effort in such situation relies on the presenter or speaker.

In contrary to many oral communication courses and textbooks, this course provides enough time to talk about the unique features of oral communications compared to written communications, in order to help trainees prepare and communicate best content for oral communication. This course, presented by the British Academy of Training and Development, focuses on understanding key elements of conversation skills, and formulating clear and concise discussions that are directly translated into other academic assignments. In order to achieve this goal, this course examines the principles of effectivedebate, prepares it, and critically examines our talks and speeches.

Speech is an important art that deals with mental and emotional side of human being. Good speech depends on good choice of words, and having a variety of vocabulary to use. Good speech is an essential part of good writing. Regardless of the type of writing and the nature of audience.

Objectives and target group

  • Directors of TV Stations and News Agencies.
  • Broadcasters of Talk Shows and Entertainment Programs.
  • Directors of Editorial Departments, within TV Stations.
  • Professions in charge of preparing and collecting information for TV Talk Shows.
  • TV Broadcast Editors and Program Directors.
  • All staff working in the field of presenting and preparing TV Talk Shows.
  • Students of Media Departments in Universities.

How will trainees benefit from the Course?

After completing the program, trainees will be able to master the following topics:

  • The concept of Public Speech and the main elements for succesful presentation.
  • Necessary Skills and qualities for successful speakers.
  • Gaining advanced experience in Talk Shows and Interviews.
  • Improve broadcaster's linguistic and vocal performance.
  • The ability to manage dialogues and interview guests in effective scientific methods.
  • Learning the basics of Self-Control and High-Level Vocal Performance.
  • Gaining advanced experience in communicating with the public.
  • Ability to face the camera and pass Camera Tests.
  • Methods of coordinating the works between the Editor, Broadcaster and the Director.
  • Designing and delivering substantive discussions clearly.
  • Designing and delivering media presentations clearly.
  • Designing and presenting complex discussions convincingly.
  • Speaking appropriately with confidence, intercept, move, and change the tone of voice.
  • Evaluate and critique speeches with insight.

Course Content

  • How to build confidence in dealing with the Media.
  • How to take advantage of the "power of the Media effect"
  • Risks of going "Off Topic", when your speech or presentation is Off Track or irrelevant to your real objectives of the Interview or the Speech.
  • Preparation and Presentation Skills of public presentations.
  • Media and its significant role in knowledge and truth.
  • Vocal Performance and techniques, and the effective application thereof.
  • Self-Control and its important roles in public speaking.
  • Preparing various Programs and News Casting.
  • Presentation Skills of Radio and TV Broadcasts.
  • Preparation and editing skills of Radio and TV Material before being presented in the Radio.
  • Skills to properly choose and determine the main presentation idea.
  • Most effective idea creation methods.

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Course Cost

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