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The course of modern trends in inspection and security control


This course will provide modern knowledge of advanced trends in the development of the skills of occupational safety and health professionals in the institutions, investigation of accidents, analysis of the root causes and knowledge of modern scientific methods to calculate the coasts and economics of maintenance. Will also contribute to the establishment of basic principles and concepts of safety and to familiarize participants with the most important problems, risks and accidents encountered during the performance of his work and the various effects that may hinder the performance and the way to overcome them with the development of security supervisor skills that make him able to perform his duties efficiently. It also aims to develop the participants’ abilities to develop sound plans to secure the establishment ـdeveloping the concepts of the participants in strategies, contingency planning and security arbitration ـ training participants on the modern means of controlling the security of the establishment.

Objectives and target group

Objectives of the training course

  • Familiarity with the participants in the latest trends in leadership, preparation of strategic security plans, security supervision and acquisition of the most effective skill in leading the security team and activating the integrated insurance system of the institution.
  • Familiarity with the skill of preparing strategic security plans.
  • Developing participants’ concepts of strategies, contingency plans and security control.
  • Familiarity with the skill of supervising and introducing its methods.
  • How to supervise the security team.
  • Effective security communication skills.

Participant benefit from this program by identifying:

  • Recent trends in security supervision and the preparation of plans and security strategies.
  • International standards for internal audit of HSE.
  • Security, human rights and the development of security sense skills.
  • Behavioral skills of security personnel, protocols, decrees, official processions, fire resistance and emergency control.

Targets of the course:

  • Employees in the field of security supervision and inspection of facilities, institutions and individuals.

Course Content

The course includes:

Part one:

  • Security risks in industrial facilities and mechanisms to implement TQM
  • Arrest and inspection procedures.
  • Emergency management and facilities and personnel safety.
  • Security information between hacking and confidentiality in the era of technology.
  • Foundations of inspection and auditing in safety work.
  • Pillars to prevent human trafficking.
  • The basics of providing and implementing comprehensive productive maintenance.
  • Modern systems in guarding, securing installations and achieving security control.
  • Evaluate the performance of safety supervisors in accordance with the {Alawsha}
  • Planning and followـup production in light of global standards and variables.
  • The basics of control operations.
  • Advanced systems for industrial security, assessment and investigation of occupational accidents.
  • Security and safety in ports.
  • Occupational safety and health according to ]OHSASـ [
  • Advanced techniques in the preparation of contingency plans, rescue and evacuation.
  • The latest global technologies and experiences of developed countries in controlling the security of important installations.
  • Recent trends in security inspections and conducting security surveys of sensitive installations.

Part two

  • Assess workplace hazards and control.
  • Planning for risk identification and risk assessment and control.
  • Use and implement preventive maintenance programs.
  • Monitoring and measuring security performance in the facility.
  • Maintenance of buildings and facilities system.
  • Security predictions for crime prevention.
  • Managing the safety and loss control system.
  • Management of environmental systems and technology of environmental pollution control.
  • Recent trends in control, preparedness and emergency response.
  • Security and safety in petroleum operations.
  • Fire and explosion security technology.
  • Security and safety according to the British NEBOSH curriculum.
  • Maintenance according to the concept of value engineering.
  • Determine the probability of risk during operation.
  • Security crisis management and security negotiation skills.
  • Comprehensive leadership of crisis teams and communication management under emergencies and pressures.
  • Prepare and implement the strategy of managing and protecting vital installations and measuring performance.
  • Assess workplace hazards and control.
  • Strategic plan at the state level to combat human trafficking.
  • Scheduled and emergency maintenance management and preparation of technical reports.
  • Systematic methods in process design, analysis and decisionـmaking tools.
  • Oil fires between prevention measures and control techniques.

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Course Cost

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