Basic of first-aid for workers of child care


The immediate action is important to save a life, so if the first-aid is provided quickly and effectively, the injured will have a greater chance of recovery, but what's up if this injured is a child? The responsibility will be doubling, for this reason the knowledge of basic of first-aid for workers of childcare is important, and generally the first-aid responder is the person who got himself in charge of a life of another person, so he should use his simple knowledge to save a life of this person, in this spirit, Each workers of childcare should know a fundamental science of first-aid as  a whole, especially with children who the dealing with them needs attention to not scare the child (if he isn't unconscious) to the situation will be under control.

Objectives and target group

What are the principles of the basic of first-aid for workers of child care:

  • As we mentioned earlier, the absolute quiet, the assessment of the situation, and making sure there's no any danger to you or the injured child.
  • Check the responding of the child to know if he is conscious or unconscious.
  • Make sure that the airlock is opened, then check the breath, and begin to behave according to the case.
  • Treat every injury, reassure and follow-up the child, that if the injured child is more than two years old, but if a baby, it's enough to put him on his back and follow-up it.
  • Check the circulatory and check the fundamental signs of life like: coughing, movement and the breath and examine it every minute.
  • If the child is not breathing, you should use the artificial respiration immediately, by the chest compressions, with putting the lips around the mouth of the baby and inserting the breath into the mouth of the baby regularly until his chest rises, and after five times of the chest compressions, give him an one artificial respiration.
  • Asphyxia of the baby is too easy, by the food or putting small things in his mouth, in this case, you should remove any air embolism with your right set of mammary glands, if that fails, put the baby on his back and pressure to the sternum which is under the line between the nipples by two fingers only and continue to do this operation until the ambulance arrives.

Course Content

These were the most highlight basic of first-aid for workers of child care

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