Development of Public Affairs Strategies and Lobbying Campaigns


This course, provided by the British Academy for Training and Development, focuses on practical skills of calling for Communications Managers. Trainees will learn to design a pressure strategy and implement a PR campaign by developing alliances and online tactics. This course is recommended for persons who are responsible for managing or supervising the management of pressure campaigns or public relations campaigns either directly or after hiring a consulation firm.

Understanding the necessary stages to be undertaken to ensure positive results when trying to gain influence, which is important to the success of any internal pressure strategy. Pressure Groups are a type of groups that some individuals or groups in the community use to form or join in order to influence their public policy on specific issues. Political literature, therefore, often defines Pressure Groups as "organizations that influence decision-makers" by lobbying the government for concessions, and even direct or indirect influence the government for specific decisions or actions.

In contemporary political systems, the existence of interest groups in their diversity and divergence of orientations is one of their most important characteristics. Interest groups are among the most prominent civil society institutions or non-governmental organizations, and are increasingly likely to be effective in providing a more democratic environment. Their numbers tend to be steadily increasing as the levels of development increase. Hence, their growth and progress are clearer in democratic and industrial societies than in others. However, it should not be concluded that the existence of interest groups is restricted to those democratic and industrial societies. These groups exist in all countries and regimes: democratic or dictatorial, advanced or developing.

Objectives and target group

British Academy for Training and Development has designed this advanced course for professionals who occupy high positions and aspire to achieve further excellence and innovation.

People who will work in parliaments, people who want to participate in political campaigns, students who want to learn how Parliament activities, and how the parliament can reach the public in simple and effective ways.

How will participants benefit from the course?

After completing the training program, participants will be able to:

  • Developing a Pressure Strategy that integrates public affairs and business strategy of the institution.
  • Building a Lobbying Campaign aimed at shaping the institution's policy and the legislative environment.
  • Dealing with the media and harnessing their influence as part of lobbying campaign.
  • Conducting online advocacy using key social media tools and platforms.
  • Acquire knowledge about various issues, such as how to deal with each party, how to hold meetings, how to build and develop relationships, and how to provide a positive image.

Course Content

  • Practices of Public Affairs: The tools and methods.
  • Planning and organizing of Public Affairs Campaigns.
  • Dealing with the Media in the course of Lobbying Campaigns.
  • Public Affairs over the Internet.
  • Practical training: Management of PR & Lobbying Campaigns.

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