Training Course: Effective Communication in Negotiation and Body Language Skills


Body language, communication and negotiation skills are what characterize a successful and capable person to achieve his goals. Body language is the means of communication between people without words which we use daily, and it’s a must to train to absorb body language. It also improves our relationship with others to a great extent in the community around us, and helps us deal with all the different situations in the work.
In the British Academy, we offer you this professional program, which enables you to use all your potential to achieve a distinctive communication, especially in the negotiation and dealing with others in order to achieve your goals and goals of your organization.

Objectives and target group

The British Academy for Training and Development offers this course to the following categories:

  • All persons working in the field of public relations and customer service.
  • People who have communication with the public in government and private institutions.
  • Leaders and staff managers.
  • People who have the task of negotiating and communicating with others.

After completing the program, participants will be able to master the following topics:

  • Get out from the course with a completely different perspective on effective communication and body language psychology, a perspective more conscious, sophisticated and aware.
  • Learn a set of concepts that helps you to represent certain roles that are appropriate to other parties, and how to show certain expressions in parts of the body to indicate a certain impression of yourself in the others, and you will recognize the reactions of others and you can taste honesty or lying in the words of the other part through expressions and movements Which express from the parts of his body, and you will be able to distinguish between the smiles of others as an example, some express a situation with a yellow smile a sign of rejection or mockery, or smile a sign of joy and partial acceptance, while others express certain positions with a smile with mockery and contempt for others situations, and some smiling until you appear on behalf of the intensity of his anger, but he hates you and fills with anger.
  • Learn how to understand body language with various human species.
  • Be able to master the art and secrets of body language easily and excellence in it skillfully.

Course Content

  • communication skills
  • Self-strength method.
  • What is communication and what is the importance of communication.
  • Teaching body language, and reading and discovering different signals in human relations.
  • The most important basics of successful communication.
  • Definition of body language.
  • Errors, limits in body language.
  • Body language in collective movements.
  • Ensure the connotations of body language.
  • The use of body language in lectures and formal speechs.
  • Some movements must be done for suspension confirmations.
  • What inspires confidence and gives an impression of its activity and vitality.
  • Mechanisms to talk to the public and use the notes.
  • Negotiations and obstacles to negotiation and collective negotiations:
    • Use the human face and body to negotiate.
    • Eye-speaking.
    • Types of ear _ _ _ chin _ neck and its implications.
    • How to use body language for successful trading negotiation.
    • Body language in the field of work.
    • How to avoid revealing my fake smile.
    • Does the method of entering the meeting affect the conduct of the meeting
    • How to be positive handshake and negative habits and avoid them and avoid them in the surrounding society.
    • What it means to rub or rub in the back of the head.
    • The eyes grow.
    • What should I do and do not do eye contact.
    • Are body signals a way to succeed in interviewing your personality?
    Body language and associated relationships: -
    • What are the movements of the body and its implications and impact.
    • Can you recognize the personality of others through their outward appearance?
    • Does standing and sitting have an effect on others. How to practically apply the five parts of the greeting.
    • Does a person need specific abilities in order to communicate their emotional end with a lifetime partner.
    • What can be tried to read body language, detect misleading signs and deal with neurotic characters?
    • Body language outside the work environment: -
    • Doubt, disbelief and rules of international ethics
    Positive body language.
    Bad negative body language.
    Finger language around the world.
    • Practical laboratory in body language within the work environment.

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Course Cost

Note / Price varies according to the selected city

Members NO. : 1
£2610 / Member

Members NO. : 2 - 3
£2088 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
£1696.5 / Member

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