Course in department management in health facilities and institutions


Health departments and facilities are concerned with activities in medical and service organizations, such as health-care service institutions. The final results find it difficult to be measured through making survives to know to what extent benefiters are satisfied the extent of social acceptance by the external environment and the satisfaction of service providers with the Organizational and humanitarian Relationships  in the field of work Medical and professional training inside institutions, organizations and hospitals. In according to the above-mentioned. The usage of these two interfaces requires different methods and indicators to evaluate whole performance which consistent with the nature and method of work of each activity or each category to be evaluated. In this regard, the methods have been determined in the light of the foundation, which evaluations are based on and the results can be presented.

The British Academy for Training and Development provides a course in department management in health facilities and institutions to anyone who wants to improve their management skills in managing departments in health facilities and institutions.

Objectives and target group

Who should attend?

Directors of health facilities such as hospitals and clinics.

Personnel in small management leaderships in health facilities.

Graduates of colleges and institutes of business administration.

How attendees will benefit?

  • The aim of comprehensive management and quality which includes increasing work efficiency and success of medical, health and administrative work, both within hospitals
  • The importance of application and execution at all levels that provide health care services in issuing decisions associated with the effectiveness of control: organizational performance, competitive market, information technologies, service providers and beneficiaries.
  • Managing activities and groups that have statistical data and quantitative financial information used in service organizations and non-service services at all levels, including institution and the medical organization.
  • How to improve the medical and health services provided to patients and the surrounding environment in general.
  • Objective evaluation of departmental management in health facilities and how to manage the work accurately and ensure continuity to highlight its features

Course Content

Health facilities departments.

Management of Health facilities departments.

Objectives of comprehensive management and health quality.

The importance of applying comprehensive management at all levels of management.

Administrative statistics data.

Improving health service.

Evaluation of management processes in departments in general.

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Course Cost

Note / Price varies according to the selected city

Members NO. : 1
£3250 / Member

Members NO. : 2 - 3
£2600 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
£2112.5 / Member

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