Quality Standards of the Manufacturing Companies


Quality is not limited to a particular department or division without the rest of the departments. It is not only about the quality of the product but also the quality of an integrated product management system that needs time to ensure excellent results in the future. Is an irreplaceable necessity. It has many objectives and different views. For example, the customer believes that the quality of the product is related to its lack of defects, the availability of guarantees and low price, while the company believes that the quality related to reducing the cost of production and development of working methods, That quality management reflects the direction and control of the Resources in companies and institutions to achieve their objectives to ensure the satisfaction of customers.

Many organizations suffer from internal problems and constraints that reduce their ability to face competition and rise to reach The level of customers, and those problems and other constraints had a clear impact on the failure of many organizations and cause the collapse, it has also weakened the confusion of other organizations, and thus its inability to compete with the increasing pressures from which the movement of variables in the past years, and the development of technologies and economic, political and social changes that have in many societies and countries, and in influencing the direction of globalization, the international trade movement and the growth of companies, management has found itself in Facing difficult situations that require a full review of their situation in order to rebuild the organizations on new foundations that aim to provide in order to deal with the new situation in the new world order, the concept of excellence management has emerged from the need to a comprehensive approach that combines elements and elements of building organizations on a superior basis that achieves superior capabilities in working against variables and the external conditions surrounding it.

Objectives and target group

The British Academy for Training and Development offers this course to the following categories:

  • Current and future managers of enterprise projects.
  • Existing and future quality managers.
  • All employees in quality departments on projects are heads of departments, staff and observers.
  • Managers of commercial institutions and companies.
  • Heads of Quality Management and Excellence Departments.
  • All employees in administrative department students of business administration colleges in universities.

After completing the program, participants will be able to master the following topics:

  • Recognize and achieve professional excellence.
  • Identify skills, methods, laws and tools for effective leadership.
  • Provide participants with self-driving methods and techniques and methods of developing leadership skills.
  • Provide participants with experience in quality management and excellence in institutions.

Course Content

  • Development Stages of the concept of quality.
  • The most prominent quality scientists and their ideas.
  • Quality management and application mechanisms.
  • Quality Management Systems.
  • The importance of administrative planning in the administrative process.
  • Management and its importance in the success of institutions.
  • Methods of quality management and work development.
  • Institutional excellence and importance.
  • Globalization approaches.
  • Quality management and its role in institutional excellence.
  • International quality systems and their importance in the development of production.
  • ISO importance and methods of utilization.
  • Segma SIX What is the importance of its quality system?
  • EFQM European Excellence Model for Quality Development and Inclusion.
  • How to be internationally recognized through quality standards.
  • The way to be a global trade mark.
  • Quality and improvement of the organizational image of the organization.
  • Quality and global standards in the public and government sectors.
  • Mechanisms for the application of quality in public sector institutions.
  • Practical models for quality applications in the public and private sectors

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Course Cost

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Members NO. : 1
£3300 / Member

Members NO. : 2 - 3
£2640 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
£2145 / Member

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